COOPs Connect

COOPs Connect is a new online platform in development that helps the cooperative movement, communicate and collaborate by gathering data about projects, organisations and initiatives in each community or region across the world.

The global cooperative community has challenges to overcome.

  •  Authentic cooperatives lack visibility, reducing the opportunity for the the public to choose them over other forms of business.
  • Cooperatives don’t know where other cooperatives are in the world, reducing the opportunity for strengthening Principle 6: Cooperation among cooperatives.
  • The lack of availability of clean and relevant data on the cooperative ecosystem, for research and education on the business model.

COOPs Connect is a solution to these challenges in the digital space.


Key partners and the first projects in action:

The Vision for COOPs Connect

As this platform develops, cooperatives around the world will increase their visibility and interconnectivity to each other and the public. The potential for co-working, research, open dialogue, and a cohesive cooperative voice is undeniable.

The future of COOPs Connect in 2023 is threefold:

  1. The .COOP Global Directory & Map from DotCooperation for verified cooperative organizations.
  2. Directory services offered to apex national and sectoral/secondary coops, such as Coops UK.
  3. Linking of the various Directory Services and the vision of the most comprehensive digital directory for the Cooperative Ecosystem, expanding in 2024.


Get involved

if you would like to explore adding your data to a map and you are a) a cooperative or working for cooperatives that has member/network database and b) wish to have a visual expression of this data, then contact Digital Commons to discuss how.

Through COOPs Connect, the members of Coops UK promote themselves and bring about new participation and collaboration with the Coops UK Directory & Map dedicated to showcasing cooperatives in the United Kingdom.

View the Coops UK Map