How can I transfer my domain name to another eligible organization?

Contact your registrar or check the information on their web site about how to transfer a name to another organization. DotCooperation reserves the right to verify and deny the eligibility of the new registrant in case of a transfer, so please check on eligibility before the transfer is initiated with your registrar.

How do I transfer my name between registrars?

To transfer your name to a different registrar, contact the “new” registrar to find out their requirement to begin a transfer.

When you transfer a domain, you must renew the name for at least one year at that time. Although registrars can charge for handling your transfer, at this time registrars charge no additional fees beyond their standard renewal fees. Registrars can set different requirements for the length of renewal required at the time of transfer.

What is an Authorization ID or Domain Secret?

In order to transfer a domain name between registrars, the new or gaining registrar must supply a “password” along with the transfer request to the old or losing registrar. Registrants may have access to this password but if not their existing (losing) registrar should be able to supply it. These passwords are called the Authorization ID by some registrars and Domain Secrets by other registrars. This is not your password for accessing your registrar account in most cases.