What is verification?

Verification is the process by which DotCooperation determines whether an applicant is eligible to register a domain name according to the Eligibility Policy.

Verification is required because the .coop and .creditunion top level domains (TLDs) are a restricted TLD. This means that only eligible organizations are allowed to register and use these domain names.

What does it mean if I get a notice that my eligibility is being verified?

If DotCooperation cannot determine eligibility immediately, you will be asked to provide appropriate documentation demonstrating eligibility for your domain registration. If you are registering a domain for the first time, the domains may be put into a Pending status while this verification proceeds and cannot be activated until verification is complete. If your eligibility is being confirmed for existing domains, then your use of the domains is not affected while the verification process proceeds.

What happens if my registration is determined to be eligible?

The names that you have registered will be immediately released from the Pending status for use by your organization. No further action on your part is required.

What happens if my registration is determined to be ineligible?

You will be informed of an appeals process if you feel this determination was made in error. You will have 30 days to initiate the appeals process. The names you have registered will remain in reserve until any appeals process is completed.

If you are determined to be ineligible for a domain, you will forfeit the entire registration fee and the names you have purchased will be released from the reserved name system.

If you are not sure that you are eligible, please contact the registry at to confirm your eligibility.

What additional materials might be requested during verification?

Documentation requested in a manual verification may include the following:

  • A copy of the organization’s bylaws,
  • A copy of the organization’s most recent annual report or the most recent past two years of audited financials or financial statements provided to members over the past 3 years,
  • A sample of the organization’s membership application forms and/or membership materials, promotional, sales or informational material that reference the organizations status as a cooperative.

In addition, additional references other than your original cooperative reference may be requested if the original contacts could not help confirm your eligibility.

What happens to the names that were registered while my organization is verified?

If the verification takes place during your initial registration, the names you have requested for your cooperative will be held in a Pending status. Your cooperative will not be able to use the names nor will other registrants be able to register these names.

If the verification is conducted as a “spot check” and your name is already active, your name will remain active unless dotCoop determines you are not eligible to register and use a .coop domain.

How long will verification take?

If your organization is selected for verification, the system will notify you immediately that the verification process is needed before your requested domain names can be used. In most cases, an eligibility determination will be made within 5 business days. In situations where additional materials or review are needed, the verification process may take as long as 2-3 weeks.

How can I check the status of my status verification process?

If you would like an update on the status of your verification, contact DotCooperation at

Will I be charged a fee for verification?

No. Verification is part of the cost of the .coop domain name.

Are mutual insurance companies eligible for .coop?

Mutual insurance companies that operate on a cooperative basis are eligible for a .coop domain. Eligibility has to be determined on a case-by-case basis. Please contact for more information.

Can we buy a .coop domain name if our co-op is not fully organized?

Yes, you can purchase a name for your co-op as it is being formed. DotCooperation recognizes the need to create your Internet identity as an integral part of the start-up of any company in today’s world. However, DotCooperation reserves the right to review your eligibility after an appropriate time and revoke your .coop domains with no refund if the organization that is created is not eligible as defined by our Eligibility Policy .Generally, DotCooperation reviews such registrations within six months of registration.