National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

NRECA is a service organization for America’s electric cooperatives, working to promote and support co-ops and to champion their business model. These co-ops work not only on members’ needs, but for the sustainable development of their communities. NRECA and America’s electric cooperatives are helping millions of people in developing countries improve their living standards through international electrification projects.

In 1942, America’s electric cooperatives formed the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) to provide a unified voice for cooperatives and to represent their interests in Washington, DC.

Today, NRECA represents more than 900 consumer-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperatives, public power districts, and public utility districts in the United States. The Arlington, Va.-based national service organization oversees cooperative employee benefits plans; carries out federal government relations activities like lobbying; conducts management and director training; and spearheads communications, advocacy, and public relations initiatives. In addition, it coordinates national and regional conferences and seminars; offers member cooperatives advice on tax, legal, environmental, and engineering matters; and performs economic and technical research.

There are 3 million Cooperatives worldwide with 1 billion members, representing 12% of the world’s employed population. All Cooperatives verify their identity when selecting a .coop web address.