The Farmers’ Platform. Putting Power in the hands of Producers, Co-ops & Co-op Associations.

Agromovil is a mobile supply chain platform that helps farmers connect with buyers to see new opportunities, sell direct, and find optimized transport – getting products to market more efficiently and profitably around the world.

A Better Model for Sellers, Buyers and Transporters

• Matching buyers and sellers
• Optimizing transport + payments
• Making money as the network grows
• Providing licensed data products and charging a percent of each sale on the platform

Competitive Advantages

Unlike competitors, Agromovil functions as an arranger, NOT an intermediary. The platform requires almost no infrastructure on the ground, making it easy to scale. The platform is growing quickly via relationships with banks, government agencies, and mobile providers.

Success in their Pilot Year – in just 6 months

• 1000 farms, 1300 total users on the platform, 150+ communities
• 500 tons of goods placed for sale, 80+ products
• Accessible to anyone – users aged 17-71
• Stickiness: 45% of all farmers who have downloaded Agromovil have posted,
145 more than 3x, at any given time more than 1/3 of farmers had an active post
• Expanding across Colombia, starting JV with USDA in Africa and in the US

Founded by Andrew Mack, Washington, D.C. entrepreneur and former World Bank executive, the Agromovil team includes globally-recognized entrepreneurs, and financial and technology experts including CTO Jens Francis, Lead Advisor Constanza Nieto, and AgTech startup veteran Rodrigo Iafelice.

About Cooperatives and .coop
The global Cooperative community has more than 1 billion members, representing 12% of the world’s employed population. All Cooperatives verify their identity when selecting a .coop web address. Your unique business identity is recognized online with a .coop domain name – your digital brand – a brand known for its economic advantages to its community, consumers, and members.

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